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This week, Flicks And The City sat down with William Fichtner, star of countless movies and TV shows including The Lone Ranger and Prison Break, to chat about his latest project, hit US TV series Crossing Lines.

A new drama about a multi-national police team that investigates cross-border crimes and hunts down global criminals, Crossing Lines is available in the UK from 25 October exclusively on Amazon’s LOVEFiLM. The show also stars Donald Sutherland and Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones), and you can watch the trailer for season 1 at the end of this post.

Check out our video to see William chat about how his Crossing Lines character compares to his Prison Break character, how he copes with his character being one-handed, whether he’s developed a forensic mind like his cop characters, working with the show’s creator and ex-cop Ed Bernero, living and filming in Prague, his love of Czech hockey and beer, working with his Black Hawk Down buddy Kim Coates on both Crossing Lines and Prison Break, how he’d like to see his character and the show develop in season 2, and his favourite behind-the-scene stories from filming the show.

William also tells Flicks And The City about how he got involved in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, his experiences on the set, how this live-action movie is so different to previous on-screen TMNT, what it’s like playing Shredder and Eric Sachs, why we’ll be surprised by his character’s back-story and relation to the Turtles, the look of his character, that he’s signed on for 3 pictures and that he thinks there’ll definitely be TMNT sequels, why it was an actor-changing experience working with Tommy Lee Jones on The Homesman, and why he drops everything to work with Danny DeVito on St Sebastian – complete with Danny DeVito impression!

Watch the trailer for Crossing Lines:

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