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Hollywood’s famous genre, The Western, just got funnier. And it also appears as though those beige vampire flicks are soon to be lost in one turbulent sandstorm. The Western genre is ‘back in’ after buzz for recent and forthcoming flicks that include The Lone Ranger, Jane Got a Gun and The Salvation. Perhaps the Cohen brothers relit old energy with True Grit?

A Million Ways To Die In Tmillion-ways-to-die-in-the-west-amanda-seyfried-neil-patrick-harris-636-380he West is the latest creation of comedy guru Seth MacFarlane, and his follow-up to laugh-a-minute film Ted. Set in Arizona in 1882, nervous shepherd Albert (Seth MacFarlane) is dumped by his beautiful girlfriend Louise (Amanda Seyfried) after dropping out of a gunfight. Albert redeems himself when he falls for the rebel Anna (Charlize Theron), who brings him up to speed with important gunslinger skills. This all comes in handy when Anna’s bandit husband (Liam Neeson) arrives on the scene.


First and foremost, this is a neo-Western story with the usual dusty locations and charismatic characters familiar to the film genre. Gleaning plot information from the novel of the same name released last month, we understand that MacFarlane will play the nerd who loses his wife to a man who owns a ‘Moustachery’ – the shop catering for maintenance of facial hair. And for comical fine-tuning, Sarah Silverman is cast as the prostitute Ruth, who won’t sleep with her boyfriend, Edward (Giovanni Ribisi) – though she’ll do the deed for money. For a bit of trivia – audiences will be interested to know that the gun wielding Charlize Theron wore a wig during filming, after shaving her head for Mad Max: Fury Road.

Giovanni Ribisi og<br /> Sarah Silverman i A Million Ways to Die in the West

Universal Pictures have released two trailers, green band and red band, the latter inevitably being funnier to audiences of appropriate age. It appears that the film content will be a side-splitting blend of Ted and Family Guy – this is ultimately going to be a laugh fest full of sharp, rude and witty jokes. Be warned, it looks as if A Million Ways To Die In The West will have a penchant for bursting into singsong – but this will be no Les Misérables. The trailer flaunts eye watering violence, hilarious Western clichés and at least one character that seems to play up to his usual film egos (Ahem, Liam Neeson)

There will certainly be many a knee-jerking moments; the three-minute red band alone includes implausible bandits, filthy one-liners and a humorous obsession with death. The green trailer includes many of the same jokes – just without the swearing, blood and guts. Considering the esteemed cast, MacFarlane’s previous career record and the comedic antics previewed – this will certainly make a worthy cinema visit in the summer.

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