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PootThe Wire is constantly listed in the greatest TV shows of all time, and with it’s re-release on Blu Ray, Flicks And The City thought it would be a good time to catch up with one of the actors in the show – Tray Chaney – to talk about his character Malik “Poot” Carr.

Watch our video to see Tray explain how as a dancer he got his break in acting, why he found the audition process weird, how Poot became one of the central characters in the Barksdale Organization. Also why the ‘Wallace’ scene was a key moment for him, how he used his past dalliances to enable Poot to be a real ladies man and if he has an orange couch at home.

After The Wire, Tray has been consistently releasing music with a positive message. He explains what his inspiration is and why he is making “lifetime” music.

The Wire: The Complete Collection is released on Blu-ray on 1 June for the first time ever courtesy of HBO Home Entertainment.

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