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Top 5 Reasons to Tune in to The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People, a new US sci-fi offering, based on the classic British show from the 70s, makes its debut on UK screens this Wednesday. So, is it worth a watch? Here are our top reasons to check it out!

1. It’s got superheroes.

The cultural obsession with superheroes just seems to be going from strength to strength. Since 2000’s X-Men proved that superhero films could be a money-spinner for mainstream audiences, we’ve seen everything from franchises to spin-offs, two separate incarnations of both Spider-Man and Superman, Christopher Nolan’s genre-deconstructing Batman films, Matthew Vaughn’s genre-parodying Kick-Ass, and the staggering scope of Marvel’s superhero universe, which has moved on to bigger things in phase two after the mighty Avengers Assemble.

Marvel made the savvy choice to make a spin-off show, Agents of SHIELD, for television and it looks like other networks are getting on the bandwagon. Able to focus on longer, more heavily-plotted storylines and deeper character development than film is capable of, television seems like the perfect place to spin out an intriguing superhero story.

2. It’s got its own mythology.

Stephen Jameson thinks there’s something wrong with him. His life has spun out of control since strange phenomena and unexplainable events have started happening. Little does he know, he’s one of the Tomorrow People. The Tomorrow People are the next phase in human evolution, capable of the three Ts: telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. But they’re forced to live underground on the fringes of society thanks to the menacing government agency Ultra, an organisation whose mission is to capture and control the Tomorrow People and their powers. The show doesn’t make these two opposing factions black and white, instead opting for slightly more complex moral and intellectual motivations to affect the dynamic – an ambiguity and tension-builder that should prove interesting to watch unfold!

3. There’s action and special effects aplenty!

With the teleportation, telekinesis, and fight scenes, the show gets a look and feel that has a touch of spectacle without veering away from the story. The inclusion of government agency Ultra also gives the show a unique look, with a style and setting that is sterile, creepy and futuristic. With the promise of more confrontation and the reveal of more powers to come, it looks like the action has just begun.

4. Drama, drama, drama!

It’s a CW show with a teen protagonist, so in the vein of Smallville and The Vampire Diaries before it we can expect teen angst, drama and love triangles to be just as prominent as the action. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re looking for a new guilty pleasure to fill your days while your favourite shows are off the air or on hiatus, this show might just be the answer for many a restless fan!

5. It’s based on the classic 70s UK series.

The original British children’s show, on which this is based, is remembered by many as a classic. Running from 1973-79, the Tomorrow People entered popular consciousness – never more evident than the fact that the homo superiors of the show got a cameo in a David Bowie lyric. What higher testament is there?

This remake has the potential – like all Anglo-American culture clashes – to infuriate, amuse, intrigue, and let’s face it, probably anger. But putting aside the original show, the pilot episode offers a simple but punchy episode that has the CW feel and promises interesting things to come.

The Tomorrow People airs on E4 at 9pm on Wednesday 9 Jan 2014.


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