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A good dance movie has the power to make us get lost in a mix of music and dance all from the comfort of our seat.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Nick Frost’s heart-warming dance flick Cuban Fury on 14 February, we’re having a look at our top five dance films.

1. Dirty Dancing 

Is there any dance film with a more iconic move than THAT lift? It goes without saying that Dirty Dancing is a classic in the dance film genre. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey sizzled in the coming-of-age drama that had us all wishing we could start a relationship with a dance instructor.


2. Footloose

While the 2011 remake failed to capture even a quarter of the success of the original, it did remind the world why the 1984 version was such a hit in the first place. A young Kevin Bacon wowed as a rebellious Chicago teen who refused to conform to the dancing and rock music ban when he moved to a small town. I still can’t believe this was (loosely) based on actual events in Elmore City, Oklahoma!


3. Billy Elliot

A truly brilliant feel-good movie that didn’t conform to dance film stereotypes! Billy Elliot told the tale of a young boy living in North-East England during the miners’ strike, who finds his real passion is ballet despite pressure from his father to pursue boxing.

4. Step Up

The original Step Up not only helped real-life couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum find love, it proved that there’s nothing we love more than when opposites come together in the form of dance. The storyline dealt with an uptown ballet dancer joining forces with a bad boy street dancer to create a dance fusion that they hope will impress in a make-or-break showcase.

5. Cuban Fury

Nick Frost stars as an average Joe worker who falls for the hot new American boss played by Rashida Jones (Parks & Rec). After discovering her passion for salsa, he decides to revisit his past as a former salsa child star in order to win her over. But with competition from the office sleaze (Chris O’Dowd) and his lack of confidence, can he really win his love over with the power of dance? Prepare to catch the salsa fever and shimmy your way down to your local dance class once you leave the cinema.


Cuban Fury (15) is in UK cinemas from Valentine’s Day 2014.

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