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The Walking Dead Season 3 DVD Review

What’s It About? For those who have been living under a rock for the past three years or so, The Walking Dead is a show based on the comic book series of the same name. Zombies, or ‘walkers’ as they’re called here, have slowly taken over, and we follow the tale of a small group of survivors led by ex-sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). There have been losses along the way, and unlikely friendships formed out of tragedy, and this season more than ever we see the threat not coming from the undead but those fighting for their lives.

The Walking Dead is a show that has gone from strength to strength, not only in the quality of the episodes but the viewing figures too. The fandom has grown and the love for Lincoln, Norman Reedus and others is clear to see. Season 3 is the most anticipated so far because of the source material used. Pulling from the ‘prison’ era, this season features arguably the most popular characters and story arcs that have appeared in Robert Kirkman’s comics, including The Governor (David Morrissey), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Tyreese (Chad Coleman).

The Walking Dead - TWDS3_Gallery_Yard_CarlRickVerdict: With the season 3 finale being the most-watched drama series telecast in basic cable history in the US, the success of The Walking Dead really speaks for itself. If you’re already a huge fan then this set is, of course, a must-buy; but the same goes for new viewers who can catch up with The Walking Dead: Season 1-3 Boxset. This is a show that doesn’t give any sign of slowing down any time soon, with a spin-off even having been greenlit recently.

The best things about The Walking Dead are the acting – especially from Lincoln and Reedus – and the writing, certainly in terms of making you feel on edge and that anyone could die at any time. It’s a true skill to make an audience believe every cast member is at risk throughout every episode, and The Walking Dead manages to convey such danger from start to finish every week. Without any major spoilers, there are certainly losses along the way again in season 3 and ones that will take their toll in future seasons.

With major deaths, a few surprise returns, and general chaos around every corner, this season of The Walking Dead is the most frantic and enjoyable so far. This is a show that proudly sits near the top of the TV pile in terms of quality, and has a fantastic ensemble cast that always delivers. The relationships feel real, and the personal war for survival between Rick and The Governor is a tense and ambiguous situation that will leave you feeling for both sides.
The Walking Dead - The Walking Dead - DSC5869_RGB
Extras: As with previous seasons, we are treated to some audio commentaries which show just how much of a family the cast and crew are. They clearly love what they do, enjoy working together, and have a real passion for the material they work with. Not only are they informative but they are funny and put a different spin on some of the more tense moments in the show. As well as these, we get some usual featurettes and deleted scenes which are interesting for the more enthusiastic fan curious about going behind the camera to find out what goes into making the show.

Final Words: As a huge fan of The Walking Dead right from the beginning, season 3 has been my personal favourite by far, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has everything you could want from a weekly horror TV show, and some of the best acting on any show on TV. Andrew Lincoln especially manages to pull at the heart strings on more than one occasion. If you didn’t get into the show when it first started, you should certainly go back and try it again as it gets more rewarding the further you get with it. We can only hope it continues at such a pace and keeps on delivering. Thankfully there’s not long to wait for Season 4!

Rating: 5 / 5      

The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season (18; 5-disc set) is available on DVD & Blu-ray from 30 September.

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