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This weekend at Collectormania, Flicks And The City were lucky enough to meet actor Lew Temple, who starred most recently as the popular, moustachioed prisoner Axel on AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, but whose diverse career includes western adventure The Lone Ranger, action thriller Unstoppable, and comedy drama Waitress.

Check out our video to see Lew chat about what he enjoyed about his character Axel, how he played Axel in such a way as to give show writers different options with his character, his reaction to his on-screen death, how Andrew Lincoln tried to save him, audience reactions to Axel, The Walking Dead death dinners, filming in Atlanta’s heat, shooting Axel’s final scenes, and what he would love to see happen in future episodes of the show.

Lew also tells us about his new films Wicked Blood with Abigail Brelin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Sean Bean (Game Of Thrones), House Of Forbidden Secrets, and Zombex with Malcolm McDowell.

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