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The To Do List Review

Hollywood has had huge success with coming-of-age comedy films about teenage boys losing their virginity, but it’s time to switch things up as The To Do List (15) puts a teenage girl in the lead.

What’s it about? Brandy Klark is a straight-A student who finds herself graduating school with an extensive knowledge of everything but sexual relations with the opposite sex.

After falling for the hot lifeguard at work, she decides to do what she does best and study all things to do with sex so she can be fully educated before she begins college.

Creating a bucket list of every sexual act she can think of, Brandy begins to tick off each item with the help of her best friends and her wacky family.

Verdict: The film starts off with the full dirty version of Me So Horny by 2 Live Crew blaring out of the screen while we see the names of the cast pop up on retro 90s items.

If you know the lyrics of that song, you’ll understand why it’s the perfect way to introduce this film’s tone to the viewers.

Set in 1993, the film seems to focus on a sexual awakening that was happening for teenagers BEFORE they had full access to the internet. It’s the only way we can have a main character who’s so naive about the basic aspects of our sexual organs.

Like a living, breathing version of the MTV character Daria, Aubrey Plaza is a delight in her willingness to show her character’s experiences in some almost disturbingly crude scenes.

The film is able to go into so much graphic detail because Brandy is going for it in a purely academic way and sometimes that can take the fun out of the scenario.

Thankfully emotions finally start to make an appearance, but until then you’re grateful to get a moment to escape from all the sex acts as Brandy interacts with her promiscuous best friends, crazy family or attempts to flirt with guys at work.

The script may not be the best but lines like “You feel like Marky Mark looks” easily get a chuckle or two.

Director Maggie Carey works with a great cast in the film and that’s what makes it worth watching.

Final Word: While this isn’t as instantly lovable as The 40-Year Old Virgin or Superbad, it’s nice to see a female take the lead for once in this type of comedy. And there’s lots of GIF-worthy scenes to help it become a cult teen favourite.

Rating: 3 / 5      

The To Do List is out in cinemas in the UK from 4 October 2013



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