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The House I Live In with Eugene Jarecki

This Friday, 23 November, sees the UK cinema release of director Eugene Jarecki’s powerful new film, The House I Live In.

The fascinating subject of this award-winning documentary is America’s War on Drugs, which has run up a staggering bill of more than $1 trillion and made the USA the world’s largest jailer over the past 40 years.

Jarecki travels the length and breadth of the States meeting narcotics officers, senators, grieving mothers, inmates and judges who reveal the tragic stories and consequences of their country’s costly crackdown.

Along the way, Jarecki examines what caused the war, why it continues today, and what can be done to stop it.

I caught up with Jarecki to find out more about The House I Live In at the Sundance London Film & Music Festival earlier this year.

Check out the video below to see Eugene Jarecki talk about the most shocking statistics and personal stories behind America’s War on Drugs, the success of his Move Your Money campaign, and how he’d like to have a grassroots impact on drug policy…

Then scroll down the page for an exclusive preview clip from the film.


Take a look at the exclusive preview clip below from The House I Live In – Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs:


The House I Live In is in UK cinemas on 23 November.

For more information on the Sundance London Film & Music Festival, click here.

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