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During their recent visit to the UK, Flicks And The City caught up with Teen Wolf stars Holland Roden and Max Carver.

Holland plays popular High School student and banshee Lydia on the hit MTV show, while Max played werewolf Aiden, who was able to merge with his twin brother Ethan to form a super-werewolf, during season 3.

Check out our video to see Max and Holland tell us what Lydia would have said to Aiden on his death bed, who they’d ship on the show, who has got the best abs on the show, what power or ability they’d love to have, who has got the coolest ability on Teen Wolf, if they could merge their character with another character on the show – like the super-werewolf – who would it be and why, what creature they’d like to see on to the show, their favourite Teen Wolf prop, who the biggest prankster is on set, outlandish rumours, how they’d describe the Teen Wolf characters Stiles, Derek, Scott, Ethan, Aiden, Lydia, Kira and Malia, and which actor they’d like to see in Teen Wolf.

Season 4 of Teen Wolf is currently airing on MTV.

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