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Spider-Man’s homecoming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a huge success for both Marvel Studios and Sony, and if you haven’t seen it yet make sure you do and even better in IMAX 3D! But as amazing as Spidey’s new solo movie is, there were still numerous scenes and ideas that were deleted and rejected from the final cut of the film.

And in my latest video below, I explain some fascinating scenes and concepts that never made the final cut of Homecoming involving a whole range of characters such as Nick Fury, Vulture, Aunt May, Tony Stark and Captain America, plus I explore the use of Peter Parker’s Spider Sense in the movie.

By the way, I’m also running a Spider-Man: Homecoming giveaway at the moment for a couple of Funko Pops, plus a pack of Homecoming merchandise – check out the video for more details!


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