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This weekend at Earl’s Court, fans of Sherlock were treated to a preview of what they can expect at Sherlocked, the official 3-day event about the massively popular show which will take place in the UK and US later this year, and is being organised by Massive Events in association with Hartswood Films and Showmasters.

The show’s creators/writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (who also stars as Mycroft) and producer Sue Vertue attended a panel at London Film And Comic Con, where they answered questions from fans about both previous seasons and the forthcoming season 4, which begins filming in 2015.

Check out our video to see what Moffat, Gatiss and Vertue had to say!

For more information about Sherlocked, click here!

And fore more info on London Film And Comic Con, visit the LFCC website and the Showmasters forum.

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