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If you thought the last Fast & Furious movie couldn’t get any better, everything we’ve seen of Fast & Furious 7 looks like this one last ride could just top everything the franchise has produced so far!

I’ve put together a list of the 7 most anticipated moments I’m looking forward to from the recent second official trailer.

And to help me out, Universal have an awesome tumblr full of fantastic gifs that help to illustrate why I’m so eagerly anticipating this film and you should be too!

1. Reuniting The Gang


The gang is all together again and I couldn’t be happier about it. Yes they were going to go and live normal lives but we all knew there was still one last story to tell and they had to get back together one for one last ride!

2. Touring The World


The film franchise since its inception has been hugely popular because it doesn’t settle for one city or country. Fast & Furious has became something multicultural that everyone can enjoy as it takes us on a journey around the world and the seventh film will be no different.

3. Planes & Flying Cars

I don’t really need to explain the draw of this. We know EVERYONE wants to see how Fast & Furious 7 pulls off flying cars.

4. Because Michelle Kicks Ass

Michelle or Letty as she’s known in the franchise was in the first and sixth Fast & Furious films, so it’s fitting that she’s back in the final film to do what we all love to see her do… kick ass. What’s even better is whose ass she’s going to kick: Ronda Rousey the UFC Bantamweight title holder who has started the move from the ring into acting. This tells us one thing, it’s going to be a good fight.

5. Jason Statham

As far as final bosses go they couldn’t have picked a more badass one than Jason Statham.

6. Dom

However can he beat Dom? We all know the answer to that but won’t it still be great to watch??!

7. Paul Walker

But I think the one thing I’m looking forward to seeing one last time is Paul Walker. Even when he died all those involved in Fast & Furious 7 did the greatest tribute they could for him and finished the film even though it was only half finished when he passed. His brothers were used as stand-ins but from the trailer it still feels like his role so I’m excited to see if I can tell when it’s him or not.

Fast & Furious 7 roars into cinemas on April 3rd. If for some bizarre reason you haven’t watched any of the other films in the franchise…you have a month. Get watching.

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