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Check out the music video for Sugar Rush by Japanese girl group AKB48 which features in Wreck-It Ralph, a new Disney animated movie about video games.

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Fancy a music video with more cupcakes, cookies and lollipops than you can shake a candy cane at?

Check out Japanese girl group AKB48‘s video for their track Sugar Rush, which features in Disney’s new animated movie Wreck-It Ralph.

If you’re in North America or a handful of other countries, you can catch Wreck-It Ralph at the cinema already.

In the UK, you’ll be able to follow the adventures of a video game villain who just wants to be a good guy from 15 February 2013.

Right, now where’s that music video? Ah, here it is… and there’s another Wreck-It Ralph track just below: Owl City’s When Will I See You Again…

(Hat tip to @StoleTarts for the AKB48 video link.)

Owl City’s song When Can I See You Again from Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph:

Wreck-It Ralph is in UK cinemas on 15 February 2013.

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