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The Dark Knight Rises trailer mash-ups featuring Lego, South Park, Disney’s The Lion King, & the eternal struggle between cats and dogs.

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With the Batman finally released from his cave this week, it’s time to get our movie mash-up on.

Warning: the following post contains scenes where hope is lost, a fire will rise, and faith is broken.

There will be drama. There will be explosions. And there most definitely will be Lego, South Park, Disney’s The Lion King, and the eternal struggle between cats and dogs.

Let the reckoning begin!

[For the epic conclusion to this Dark Knight Rises movie mash-ups post, click here.]

First up in the magical remix of audio and images is a brilliant brickfilm or, as I like to call it here at Flicks and the City, a brickflick.

*And… cue tumbleweed*

Thank you very much, I’m here all week. Don’t forget to tip the veal.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes… Nice work with the Lego, ParanickFilmz!

Why wait till Friday to see Batman battle Bane, when you can watch this Lego-tastic vision from FilmMaker16?

It’s complete with the sound of bones crushing, or should that be plastic crushing? (The following sentence to be read in your best trailer dude voice.) Never has Lego been so menacing:

Prefer a more cut-out Caped Crusader? Look no further than South Park student Kyle Broflovski, brought to a small screen near you by mpkio:

Expect ferocious felines in The Lion King Rises from editor extraordinaire Brad Hansen:

For a different take on Disney’s Shakespearean tale, click here.

Or how about some mixed-up animal action between Catman and Dogwoman, with added meows?

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**The Dark Knight Rises movie mash-up reaches its epic conclusion here.

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