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Director Liz Garbus (Bobby Fischer Against The World) reveals a different side to actress and Hollywood pin-up Marilyn Monroe in her new documentary Love, Marilyn.

Based on a stack of Marilyn’s never-before-seen personal letters and papers, and making great use of archive footage, interviews, and a cast of A-list actors who read out Marilyn’s words, the film evokes the multiple aspects of the real Marilyn – passion, ambition, soul-searching, power and fear – offering an absorbing portrait of the star.

Check out the video to see Liz talk about how the discovery of Marilyn’s lost letters and documents led her to make this documentary, what surprised her the most about Marilyn, how hard Marilyn worked at being an actress, Lee Strasberg’s effect on Marilyn, fame and the culture of celebrity in Marilyn’s day, how Marilyn created her public persona, the amazing list of A-list actors in the film, and her theory about Marilyn’s death.

Love, Marilyn is in UK cinemas on 18 October.

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