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London: prepare to be amazed by the presence of true greatness in your city this week asΒ Judah Friedlander World Champion graces the stage of the Soho Theatre with his stunning stand-up show.

Fans of Tina Fey’s 30 Rock will know Judah as the trucker hat-wearing writer Frank Rossitano, but in real life World Champ Judah’s got more skills than Frank could ever dream of: from super-charged karate kicks to super-powers of global problem-solving.

All of which means it’s only a matter of time before Judah’s campaign to be President of both the US and UK ends in triumph.

And after seeing his first London show last night, we can certainly confirm that Judah truly is the World Champion of Comedy.

To learn more about Judah’s World Champion skills and have him personally solve your problems, make sure you catch his show at the Soho Theatre on 5 & 6 June.

And check out our video to see Judah chat about why he’d make out with Lois Lane in front of Superman, why superheroes aren’t all that super, his karate skills and book How To Beat Up Anybody, his favourite 30 Rock hat, his new movie Ping Pong Summer, a possible prequel to Wet Hot American Summer, and his stand-up comedy at London’s Soho Theatre:

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