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Genki Gear Unveils Official MCM Expo London Comic Con T-Shirt!

If you go down to the bamboo grove today, you’re sure of big surprise! Take a look at what happens when pandas get mean and flip out with Genki Gear’s exclusive new ‘Insane Panda Violence’ T-shirt, the official apparel of May’s MCM London Comic Con.

violent panda-womenviolent panda-men

Proudly showing off its comic con credentials with an MCM-branded arm print, this quirky, limited edition panda print will only be available on pre-order from 24 April to 20 May at www.GenkiGear.com and www.mcmexpostore.com. Available priced £16.99 in both men’s and women’s sizes, the Panda Violence T-shirts can be collected direct from the Genki Gear stand at MCM London Comic Con itself or posted on to you after the event.

Check out Genki Gear’s great range of clothing at: www.genkigear.com

For MCM Comic Con’s online store, visit: www.mcmexpostore.com

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