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You may know her best as Arya Stark in HBO’s hit TV show Game of Thrones, but 17-year-old actress Maisie Williams is also making a name for herself on the big screen.

She’s already got several movies, including Up On The Roof, Gold and Heatstroke, under her belt, and today saw the world premiere of her latest film, The Falling, at the London Film Festival.

Directed by Carol Morley (Dreams of a Life), The Falling is set in 1969 at an English boarding school for girls. Lydia (Maisie Williams) and Abbie (newcomer Florence Pugh) are best friends. But Lydia’s world starts to unravel when her brother and Abbie have a one-night stand, and a mysterious fainting epidemic hits their school.

Check out our video to see what Maisie said about how her character in The Falling compares to GOT’s Arya Stark, what it was like making a film set in the late 1960s, and why she’d like to think she’s like Arya.

The Falling premiered at the London Film Festival on 11 October 2014. For more festival screenings of The Falling on 13 & 19 October, click here.


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