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Since Game of Thrones season 3 kicked off, we’ve seen a number of new characters join the cast including the multi-lingual Missandei.

The talented slave started off working for Kraznys mo Nakloz in Astapor before joining Daenerys as her right-hand woman on Team Targaryen.

We caught up with actress Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Missandei, at a special screening of new rom-com The Big Wedding (out in UK cinemas on 29 May) starring Katherine Heigl and Robert De Niro at London’s May Fair Hotel.

Check out the video to see what Nathalie says about choosing Beyonce songs with Emilia Clarke for their scenes together, why Daenerys deserves to sit on the Iron Throne, what her favourite moment is from the show so far, what we can look forward to next season, and how she’d like to see Joffrey meet his maker:

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