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He may be a knight of the Kingsguard, but Meryn Trant isn’t exactly known for defending the weak and innocent of Westeros.

In fact, to quote Tyrion Lannister, he’s more of a “pompous child-beater”, or as Bronn put it, he’s better at “beating little girls than fighting real men”.

And Season 4 of Game of Thrones gave Meryn Trant the opportunity to dig the knife into the Halfman during Tyrion’s trial for King Joffrey’s murder at the Purple Wedding.

Flicks And The City caught up with actor Ian Beattie, who gives a fantastic performance as Meryn Trant in the hit HBO show, at London Film And Comic Con.

Check out our video to see what Ian says about filming Joffrey’s Purple Wedding scenes and Tyrion’s Trial, what he’d like to see happen for Meryn Trant in Season 5, what he thinks about The Hound’s Season 4 comment that “any boy whore with a sword could beat three Meryn Trants”, whether he believes that Meryn Trant really killed Syrio Forel, and more!

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