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What’s It About? Tom Cruise stars as army officer William Cage, who has never seen a day of combat in his life. However, when he is forced to join his fellow soldiers on the front line against an alien invasion he dies within minutes and finds himself thrown into an inexplicable time-loop that forces him to re-live the same day over and over, becoming better skilled along the way.

Verdict: Edge of Tomorrow is an interesting concept with plenty of guns, explosions and Tom Cruise to keep the avid action-movie fans entertained. However, whilst the story starts off fascinating and gripping, it isn’t long before it begins to stagnate, with its Groundhog-Day aspect feeling a little too repetitive.

EDGE OF TOMORROWAlthough as each day repeats we learn more about what has caused this time-loop and why, it isn’t as clever or fresh as you’d hope. There simply isn’t enough in the story to fully hold the audience’s interest and unless you are satisfied with action alone it does gradually become quite a disappointing watch. This disappointment is only fueled by the film’s ending as it rushes towards a conclusion without sparing a thought to giving the audience any kind of explanation, making it seem like an ending that was created out of convenience and necessity rather than the best interest of the story.

Despite Edge of Tomorrow’s weaknesses in terms of plot, Tom Cruise presents Officer Cage as a well-rounded and likable character that the audience are able to get behind from the get-go. Cruise’s portrayal of this character makes the film much more watchable and his quick quips and one-liners help carry the film.

Edge of Tomorrow does start to pick up towards the end as it reaches a high-tension climax that will make you sit up and pay attention. Throughout the film the suspense and mystery that surrounds the time-loop does mean that you want to keep watching and when it comes to a head in the last half an hour or so there is excitement in the audience to see how it could possibly all pan out. Even though what you do eventually discover is a little underwhelming, the tension and action that precedes the final scenes is effective in hooking you in and reminding you to care about the story. It is just a shame that the same efforts weren’t put into explaining the film’s conclusion.

Final Words: A fascinating concept that is let down by its floundering plot and rushed conclusion. Although Tom Cruise’s well-rounded and likable portrayal of Officer Cage ensures that the audience gets behind our hero from the get-go, the knuckle-clenching climax is not enough to make up for its disappointing build-up or the lack of explanation in the film’s final scenes.

Rating: 3 / 5      

Edge of Tomorrow is in UK cinemas now.

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