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Following the success of We Are What We Are, writer-director Jim Mickle and actor-writer Nick Damici made a strong return to Sundance this year with their latest collaboration, Cold In July.

Set in 1980s small-town Texas and adapted from Joe R Lansdale’s novel, the film stars Michael C Hall, Don Johnson, Sam Shepard and Vinessa Shaw and follows what happens after Hall’s character Richard Dane shoots dead a burglar in his house.

Check out what the cast and director had to say when Flicks And The City spoke with them at Sundance.

Michael C Hall & Vinessa Shaw chat about the surprises that attracted them to the movie, how they found working with long-time collaborators Jim Mickle and Nick Damici, and what we can look forward to from them next. Plus, Michael C Hall tells us whether he’d consider returning to the small screen in a spin-off of Dexter:

Jim Mickle and Nick Damici tell us about working together on Cold In July, how actor Sam Shepard contributed to their script, what it’s like bringing new actors like Michael C Hall into their filmmaking team, and what they’re working on next:

Cold In July premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. To find out more about Sundance and the film festival visit www.sundance.org.

The festival will also be coming to the UK for Sundance London in 2014! For details of the films showing and how to book tickets visit www.sundance-london.com.

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