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As part of the competition section of the 64th Berlinale, Aloft celebrated its premiere in the German capital. Photographers and fans lined up to get a glimpse of the attending stars: actresses Jennifer Connelly and Mélanie Laurent as well as director Claudia Llosa walked the red carpet in glamorous gowns by Chanel and Elie Saab, and actor Cillian Murphy donned a smart grey suit. For brothers Winta and Zen McGrath, the latter playing Murphy’s younger self in the film, it was the first time ever at a movie premiere, which might explain the cutest accessory ever brought to a premiere – a fluffy teddy bear!

The cast and crew seemed excited to present their film to the audience at the Berlinale palace. Claudia Llosa, who won the Golden Bear award for her film The Milk of Sorrow in 2009, returned with a quiet, but intense story about a relationship of a young man towards his mother. Ivan, played by Cillian Murphy, journeys across an icy and snowy lake with a documentary maker (Mélanie Laurent), in search of his long-lost mother. Revealing the backstory in flashbacks and piece by piece, showing Jennifer Connelly as his mother Nana with the little boys, the story takes time to draw conclusions and reveal connections. Aloft is about responsibility, forgiveness and new beginnings; while beautiful imagery makes the film a sight for sore eyes.

Like many film festivals, the Berlinale is still very much dominated by male filmmakers and actors, so it’s good to see strong women like Claudia Llosa put their ideas and films forward.

Flicks And The City caught up with Cillian Murphy for a brief chat on the red carpet, about working with Claudia Llosa and what attracted him to the script of Aloft.

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