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With the release of Oculus digital download on 6th October we wanted to take a look at the lead actress Karen Gillan and some other rising UK female stars.

Karen Gillan

Scottish-born Gillan rose to prominence playing popular Doctor Who companion Amy Pond alongside Matt Smith before her immense talent was noticed in Hollywood. She soon was able to choose from an eclectic range of roles, including villain Nebula in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy and horror heroine Kaylie, determined to prove that something supernatural was responsible for her parents’ deaths, in the incredibly creepy Oculus.

Maisie Williams

Despite being just one of HBO smash hit series Game Of Thrones‘ extensive British cast, Williams has stood out as the ‘one to watch’ playing young runaway Arya Stark. After such mainstream success so early in her career, she has decided to sign up to upcoming indie films We Are Monster and The Falling.

Imogen Poots

Appearing in the seemingly British actors’ rite of passage Casualty ten years ago, Poots has racked up a strong film career in supporting parts. More recent movies have seen her move into leading roles, with 2015 looking to be her year with highly-anticipated films including Knight Of Cups and The Blunderer on the horizon.

Daisy RidleyDaisy Ridley

Although not a household name at the start of the year, Ridley was one of the first to be cast in Star Wars: Episode VII leading fans around the world to wonder who was playing one of the major parts of the upcoming saga. After appearing in several acclaimed British TV series, it looks like her career will be heading to a galaxy far, far away.

Lily JamesLily James

Known to audiences as Downton Abbey’s fun-loving Lady Rose, James seems to feel at home in costume dramas, yet appears to be having fun with the genre too. In 2015 alone she is set to play the title role in the live-action Disney reimagining of Cinderella, as well as the iconic literary heroine Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Natalie Dormer

Critically-acclaimed on TV, film and stage, Dormer is one of the most exciting actresses around currently. Another breakout Game Of Thrones star, Dormer is currently landing some of the highest profile roles in Hollywood including The Hunger Games: Mockingjay films and The Riot Club.

Oculus is available to download on 6th October and on Blu-ray and DVD on 20th October.

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