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Birmingham MCM Comic Con 2015 Interview Highlights

During the convention I was lucky enough to take part in two round table interviews with members of The Walking Dead cast (Tyler James Williams and Chrisitian Serratos) and Sleepy Hollow favourite Neil Jackson. Check out my interview highlights.

Neil Jackson

Neil who plays the Headless Horseman’s human side (Abraham) was a lovely guy to talk to and he was genuinely excited to be at the convention. He finds it quite humbling that fans tend to know more about his character than he does.

His character was only meant to be a one-off sort of back story character for the headless horseman. They called him back in February last year after they figured out a way to get him back into the show and which has humanised the character of the Horseman of Death; Abraham.

The Pied Piper was his favourite character because of the way that the show’s writers wove the character and old legend into the world of Sleepy Hollow. The “physically phenomenal” and “fantastic action stunt man” made for some great fight scenes which he loved.

Neil loves how the scripts pull the rug out from under them and the way the writers blend history with fantasy to make a plausible world (if you take a leap of faith).

Tyler James Williams and Christian Serratos

Tyler who played Noah and Christian who plays Rosita in The Walking Dead were both great to talk to giving an interesting insight into the world of the amazingly popular show based on a comic of the same name.

From Christian’s point of view the cast is like a family and they all get along which is a rare thing she’s found in her career, while Tyler has found that the producers, writers and directors have “good faith in their casting” and those they cast “step up” and “throw down” consistently.

“It’s one of the few shows people are dying to be on.” Tyler is quoted as saying which was ironic considering what happened in the episode of the Walking Dead earlier in the week.

On the comics they’ve both flicked through them but the script doesn’t always follow the same story. On Dear White People and where his career is going Tyler has said he’s looking for good scripts which is what drew him to the film and how he see’s his career developing. Actors who have long successful careers, pick good scripts, follow good writers and good shows, that’s what he’s looking to do.

On the show’s success they think that although people might try to re-create the success of it; “You can’t re-catch lightning in a bottle”.

Did you visit MCM Birmingham? Let us know your favourite bits from the weekend!

MCM Birmingham Comic Con took place from 21 to 22 March 2015. For more info on the event, visit the MCM website and check out the con on Twitter.

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