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The Yorkshire countryside of TV soap Emmerdale may seem light years away from the world of the walking dead.

But Dominic Brunt, who plays vet Paddy Kirk in the long-running series, and his actress wife Joanne Mitchell are set to change that with their debut feature film.

Before Dawn follows a married couple, played by Dominic and Joanne, who head to the Yorkshire hills for a weekend break only to find themselves under attack from the undead.

Dominic and Joanne were at FrightFest this weekend for the film’s premiere.

Check out the video to see Dominic chat about his love of zombie movies, directing Joanne, and shooting on location, while Joanne chats about fight scenes, fast-moving zombies, and being directed by Dominic.

FrightFest runs from 23 to 27 August. For more details, click here.

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