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The Wire finally takes it’s bow on Blu-ray, so Flicks And The City thought it would be a good time to talk to one of the show’s stars Andre Royo about his iconic character Reginald “Bubbles” Cousins.

When we called Andre he was driving through Los Angeles on his way to a table read for a new show he is part of, but he still had plenty of time to discuss working on The Wire. Andre explained how he got the part and why the role became harder physically and emotionally each season. He discusses his “Street Oscar” and a case of mistaken identity from Mark Wahlberg. Why working with David Simon and Ed Burns, the creators of The Wire, kept him on his toes and where the infamous red hat scene came from.

Away from The Wire, Andre talked about working on the powerful drama film Calloused Hands and why he is so proud of that film. Also we asked him what it’s like to work in the Marvel Universe after his appearance as crime lord Spider Raymond in the Marvel TV show Agent Carter. We even managed to get him to tell us who his favourite childhood superheroes were.

The Wire: The Complete Collection is released on Blu-ray on 1 June for the first time ever courtesy of HBO Home Entertainment

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