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They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. In the case of these families all it took was a couple of incredibly gifted performing parents and the right introduction. Of course, talent speaks for itself and once you’ve got your foot in the door the chance is yours for the taking.

To celebrate the release of John Michael McDonagh’s latest film, War on Everyone, we take a look at some of the biggest family film stars to grace the silver screen and where better to start than War on Everyone’s very own Alexander Skarsgård.

The Skarsgårds

Except for perhaps IKEA, few Swedish exports continue to make such a splash in both domestic and international markets; the Skarsgård’s are one such property. My Agnes and Stellan Skarsgård had six children during their marriage including actors Alexander, Gustaf, Bill and Valter.

Of the four, Alexander and Gustaf have received the widest acclaim starring in True Blood and Vikings respectively and Alexander is continuing to challenge IKEA for the export title with the leading role in Tarzan earlier this year having starred in divisive Melancholia in 2011.

With Stellan’s role in Marvel’s Thor and Avengers and Alexander’s recent performances including John Michael McDonagh’s War on Everyone, Skarsgård can surely be considered a household name. So, next time you’re looking for a stylish Swedish fix avoid the Ottava ceiling light and hit the cinema.

The Wilsons

The King’s of cool, Owen and Luke Wilson alongside lesser known, but equally brilliant older brother Andrew, never seem to put a foot wrong. Since fronting their own unique style, backing themselves in a heavily competitive industry and releasing Indie cult classic Bottle Rocket in 1996 the Wilson’s have gone from strength to strength.

While some endeavours have raised a few eyebrows, especially considering their indie pedigree and close collaboration with Wes Anderson, the Wilsons’ unerring affability, humble ambition and sheer variety of projects continue to impress thanks to their roles in an incredibly influential period of US cinema.

The Roberts Dynasty

Think Hollywood glamour, think Julia Roberts. In the iconic closing scene of Pretty Woman the voiceover declares “Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?” definitively securing Julia’s status as a Hollywood star. Her mother and matriarch of the Roberts family, Betty Lou Bredemus, most famous for her stage work, encouraged acting from a young age and is largely to praise for the success of her three children, Julia, Eric and Lisa. While Betty is famous for theatre, all three children have had successful careers in film and paved the way for Eric’s daughter, Emma Roberts and her breakout role in the industry.

The Franco Brothers

James Franco famous for his smash hit role in cult TV show Freaks and Geeks essentially opened the door for his younger brother, Dave, who after taking advice from James’ manager, attended a theatre class during college and ended up in sleeper cult hit, Superbad. Unlike other acting families who tend to stick firmly in their ways, James Franco has been keen to buck the trend. Alongside his acting career he’s pursued multiple academic qualifications and taught classes at some of the nation’s most prestigious schools. Not bad for an academy award nominee and cross joint aficionado.

Hudson-Russell Clan

One film – Overboard. Although Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell had been together before this 80s rom-com became the classic it is today, Overboard firmly established Goldie and Kurt as the stars to watch.

Both now household names with numerous cult classics under their belts including The Thing and Death Becomes Her their star staus extends to their children. Kate and Oliver Hudson, alongside Wyatt Russell all have burgeoning film careers ahead of them with major Hollywood credits to their names, as well as successful television shows, Rules of Engagement, Scream Queens and Nashville.


The Bridges Family

Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Simpson have been the driving force of the family’s endeavours since they married in 1938. Lloyd’s filmography stretches way beyond 200 credits and Dorothy had an active role in the development of their children’s acting careers as their first coach.

With six academy awards and one win to his name Jeff Bridges, star of cult classic The Big Lebowski has since become a fan favourite. His brother Lloyd “Beau” Bridges is better known for his work in television and has been awarded his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his outstanding contribution to the industry. With such success coursing through the family it’s safe to say Lloyd and Dorothy were a great inspiration to the both of them.

War on Everyone hits UK cinemas on Friday 7th October.

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