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The highly anticipated The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (12A) hits UK cinemas on 16 April 2014, but can the sequel live up to the success of the popular first film?

With the dream team of director Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone all back in the latest web-slinger installment, here are five reasons why you need to watch the film.

1. Incredible 3D effects

Andrew Garfield

While the first film was a great introduction to the new Spider-Man, the 3D effects weren’t used quite as much as some fans would have liked. This time, 3D is right up there, front and centre, so you’re given a breathtaking insight into what it would feel like to swing through the streets of New York. In fact, the effects are great throughout the entire film. Still, it’s the web-slinging scenes that will really make you wish you’d been bitten by a genetically mutated spider too!

2. The Garfield & Stone chemistry

906429 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2The reboot would be nothing without the natural chemistry between Andrew Garfield and his real-life girlfriend, Emma Stone. Though the pair spend much of the film in limbo about where their relationship is going, you can’t help but enjoy the natural rapport they share whenever they appear together on screen.

3. Backstory

The film has a strong focus on revealing why Peter Parker’s parents mysteriously left him with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. We really get to know more about what his father was working on and get a deeper understanding of why things have turned out the way they did for Peter.

4. The amazing trio of villains

While Jamie Foxx’s Electro is the main villain Spider-Man has to deal with in the film, there are two other foes he faces in a variety of fast-paced action sequences. Thankfully, the audience doesn’t feel overwhelmed or lost in the action during these scenes.Dane DeHaan Jamie Foxx gives a great performance as the down-on-his-luck nobody who becomes obsessed with Spider-Man only to misplace his feelings of confusion and anger towards the hero after his transformation.

5. Dane DeHaan

After memorable performances in films such as Chronicle and Kill Your Darlings, Dane DeHaan once again gives a captivating and tortured performance as Harry Osborn. Completely transformed into a much more troubled being than James Franco’s aloof playboy, DeHaan is perfect as the character who becomes the green goblin. He is definitely one to watch, as his star will only keep rising.

Check out this RealD featurette where director Marc Webb talks about why 3D’s so important for The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in UK cinemas from 16 April 2014.

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