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Tom Cruise’s latest movie offering is a big screen adaption based on a popular Japanese novel and while the big budget blockbuster tackles the always tricky subject of time travel, it’s set to follow in the footsteps of recent successful attempts such as Looper and Source Code.

From the story lining to the casting, here are the top five reason we’re excited to see the film Edge Of Tomorrow this May.

imagesEOT_TSR_1SHT_INTL1. A gripping sci-fi story

As with most of the films in Hollywood right now, Edge of Tomorrow is based on a book. Taking inspiration from the Japanese light novel, All You Need Is Kill, the story sees mankind battling invading aliens. Tom Cruise’s solider finds himself in a time-loop where he endures the same battle over and over again. But the help of a female ally might help him find a way to use the loop as a way to defeat their enemies. This definitely isn’t your typical blockbuster storyline! Think Groundhog day with a sci-fi twist.

2. Doug Liman is the director

With films such as The Bourne Identity, Jumper and Mr & Mrs. Smith on his CV, is there any reason not to be excited that Doug Liman is the director of this film? After making his mark in the film world with Swingers, Liman can be relied on to make films that are not only visually exciting but tell a captivating story. He’s a director we can trust to EDGE OF TOMORROWtackle the always fickle time-travel dilemma.

3. Emily Blunt being a bad-ass

Considering her character in the Japanese novel is called Full Metal Bitch, there is a lot to look forward to about Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski. Critics who’ve seen preview footage have all praised the fact the character is a real bad-ass who can fight her battles like a pro. Blunt has built up a following thanks to well-chosen roles in popular chick flicks and successful action films such as Looper and The Adjustment Bureau. The only way is up for this British gem.

EDGE OF TOMORROW4. Tom Cruise doesn’t start as the hero

We are so used to Tom Cruise playing characters who know exactly what to do to save everyone, so it is a great opportunity to see the actor get stuck into the role of a much more average guy. His character is a guy who’s never really fought in a real battle before. And as the director joked at a footage screening, seeing Tom Cruise die over and over again might be just as fun for those who aren’t fans of the Hollywood star.

EDGE OF TOMORROW5. It’s going to be funny

As with most Japanese anime and novels, humour plays an important part in All You Need Is Kill and feedback from preview footage confirms that Edge Of Tomorrow has a lot of it. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt share a lot of quick flowing banter and we can’t wait to see it. No one does sarcasm as well as dear old Emily.

Edge Of Tomorrow is in cinemas from 30 May 2014.

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