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The Wolf Of Wall Street (18), the most recent collaboration of Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, took the world by storm when it was released in cinemas earlier this year.

Oscar-nominated and critically acclaimed, The Wolf Of Wall Street tells the true story of Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) as it documents his corrupt rise from working-class assistant to multi-millionaire stockbroker who lives a life of sex, drugs, and excess. By 1998, the FBI are on Belfort’s case with suspicions of security fraud and money laundering, which leads the film to a climactic and unpredictable conclusion.

So, with The Wolf Of Wall Street on DVD and Blu-Ray now, why should you check it out? We’ve compiled five reasons below!

1. Leonardo DiCaprio’s brilliant performance. DiCaprio has proven himself as an actor time and again, and TWOWS-03412Rthis film is no different. He effortlessly leads the film as anti-hero Jordan Belfort and he is present either on screen or through voiceover narration for the film’s entire three-hour running time, which is quite an impressive feat! DiCaprio’s powerhouse performance also highlights how the established actor is more than able to poke fun at himself; whether he’s writhing around on the floor, high on drugs, or having ham spat on him by on-screen best friend Donny (Jonah Hill), DiCaprio takes everything on the chin and performs with his tongue firmly in his cheek.

2. The rest of the cast are pretty awesome too. DiCaprio may be the star of the show but the supporting cast certainly don’t fade into the background, each giving their own well-rounded and show-stopping performances. Margot Robbie, who plays Belfort’s long-suffering wife Naomi, Jonah Hill, and the rest of Belfort’s various friends, foes and accomplices, take The Wolf Of Wall Street to another level of entertainment. The entire cast have a great connection exemplified through their on-screen rapport as the expletive-ridden dialogue bounces between the characters both naturally and realistically.

3. It’s actually really funny. Yes, The Wolf Of Wall Street is a shock-fueled drama with sex, sleaze and illegal activity at its core, but the film’s fast pace and great array of characters coupled with the witty script makes for hilarious viewing. The laughs are consistent throughout and, despite the long run-time, the script doesn’t even come close to faltering.

TWOWS-072244. It’s a true story! It is all well and good to watch the film with a combination of shock, awe and disgust, however, between all the sex, drugs and unbelievable events that occur during the film, just keep in mind that this stuff actually happened and Jordan Belfort is a real person! One thing is for sure, 1980s Wall Street must have been one hell of a place to work!

5. Martin Scorsese’s flawless direction. From the consistent fast-pace of the film to the glossy, polished finish – The Wolf Of Wall Street is arguably one of Scorsese’s best film’s yet. Turning Jordan Belfort into his very own Wolf fit for the big screen, Scorsese manages to get every aspect of the story completely on point, without a weak scene in sight. All in all, The Wolf Of Wall Street is an exciting and exhilarating watch from start to finish. An action-fest that is full of excessive lifestyles, great performances and big laughs that ensure that both Scorsese and DiCaprio are back exactly where they belong: firmly at the top of their game.

The Wolf Of Wall Street is out on DVD and Blu-Ray now!


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