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The brains behind the Matrix trilogy are back in the world of sci-fi as the Wachowskis unite a stellar all-star cast led by Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis in Jupiter Ascending.

The premise that Earth’s inhabitants aren’t aware of where they’ve truly come from is once again rooted in the script for Jupiter Ascending, but this time the action moves to space, rather than a computer network. Planet Earth is actually under the control of an alien royal family, and when they discover the existence of Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a lowly, down-on-her-luck janitor, who also happens to possess the genetic inheritance for Earth, there is an immediate bounty out for her death. Channing Tatum’s character Caine who is a genetically engineered ex-military hunter shows up to protect her, and reveal her true path. With a great supporting cast including Sean Bean, Douglas Booth and Eddie Redmayne, this is shaping up to be one of the first big blockbusters of the year.

Here are 5 reasons why you should look forward to Jupiter Ascending.

The Cast

Channing Tatum is fast becoming a charismatic leading man, and Mila Kunis’ versatility in her film choices means they are the perfect choices to lead this cast. Add in fan favourite Sean Bean as Stinger, Caine’s fellow military hunter, Eddie Redmayne, a key contender in this year’s Oscar Best Actor category as the villain Balem and we’re onto a winner.

The Effects

From the trailers and the footage we’ve seen from the film, the special effects and stunts look brilliant. The Wachowski’s took huge leaps with technology when filming The Matrix, and with Jupiter Ascending being their first original story that brings them back into the world of science fiction, the effects should be bigger and better.

The Music

The score of a film is becoming more important and more recognisable within the film industry; for the film Michael Giacchino was recruited, the man who composed both of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek films as well as 100 other credits. The music promises to be emotive and high action in all the right places.

The Story

Even though the central story is of destiny fulfillment, the concept that an alien royal family are actually in control of Earth is interesting, and certainly pushes the boat even further than the concept from The Matrix that humans are programmed into a computer program. If this movie performs well at the box office, there should be plenty of scope for future sequels.

The Film Itself

This film was originally slated to come out in July 2014, but was pushed back to this year to give filmmakers more time to finish the special effects for the film a mere eight weeks before the film was supposed to air in cinemas. The film will certainly excite fans of the Wachowski’s as they complete their second venture into science fiction.

Jupiter Ascending is in cinemas in the UK from 6th February.

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