Why I prefer Tris Prior to Katniss Everdeen

With the DVD release of The Hunger Games Catching Fire and the cinema release of Divergent around the same time, it’s great to see film fans being given the opportunity to watch strong teenage female protagonists instead of some girl mooning over her dreamy vampire boyfriend. So far, the world’s gone crazy for The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen (or maybe Jennifer Lawrence?) but personally I much prefer Divergent’s Tris Prior and here’s why:

SHAILENE WOODLEY stars in DIVERGENT1. Master of her own destiny

Tris chooses her new life, Katniss is forced into her choice to save her sister: I like that Tris makes the ultimate decision as to which faction she wants to join (although it was never really in doubt). She knows she’ll never really fit in to Abnegation and her real home is Dauntless, and it shows Tris knows her own mind. Katniss chooses her future with no thought of the what might happen, it’s a spur of the moment thing to save her sister Primrose. Whilst I applaud Katniss’s bravery I think she doesn’t always have an idea of the consequences of her choices.

2. She’s even tougher than Katniss

Tris learns new skills, Katniss could already use her bow and arrow. Until she joined Dauntless, Tris has led a very sheltered life (she’s hardly even allowed to look in the mirror). When she joins Dauntless, Tris learns new skills like bare-knuckle fighting and even using a gun that will become more important as her story progresses. Katniss already knows how to handle her bow and arrow, but take that away and can Katniss defend herself?

3. Tris knows her own mind

Tris knows she’s attracted to Four, Katniss doesn’t know what she wants and gets caught up in a love triangle. It’s obvious from the first time Tris meets Four that something will happen between them and as Tris’s story develops the viewer sees how important Four becomes to Tris as she adapts to her new world and the challenges she faces. Katniss sort of likes Peeta but she also sort of likes Gale. Make a decision Katniss, you do NOT want to be compared to Bella Swan!

4. Tris wants to save the world

Once Tris discovers what’s really happening in her world, she fights to stop the deaths of hundreds and thousands of people, whereas Katniss only fights to stop her own death (or Peeta’s). Tris is more selfless than Katniss. For example, as she tries to pull Four out of the attack simulation, Tris points the gun at her own head. As Tris fights to stop the Erudite attack simulation, she saves hundreds of lives, but if she succeeds her world will change and probably not for the better, whereas if Katniss survives the Hunger Games she’ll be rewarded with a nice new home and lots more food.

5. Tris isn’t an attention seeker

Tris never reveals what she’s capable of doing, because she’s scared of the consequences of revealing she’s Divergent. When Katniss feels the Games Makers aren’t paying her enough attention she shoots her arrow through their roast pig.

So thse are my reasons for preferring Tris to Katniss – let me know if you agree or disagree!

Divergent is in UK cinemas on 4 April 2014.