White Room with Greg Aronowitz

Last weekend was all about genre filmmaking; sci-fi and fantasy to be precise.

So, bright pink Star Wars t-shirt on and phaser gun set to fun, I boldly went where many a man had gone before… 195 Piccadilly, home to BAFTA and, for one day, Sci-Fi London.

It was in this galaxy not very far, far away that I met Greg Aronowitz.

You’ll have seen his design and special effects artistry on films like John Carter, Minority Report, and Saving Private Ryan.

Greg was at Sci-Fi London for the premiere of his short film, White Room: 02B3, which he directed using 360-degree camera technology.

Check out the videos where Greg tells me about working with Roddenberry Entertainment, the challenges of shooting a 360-degree movie, why you might experience a bit of déjà-vu looking at White Room’s sets and props, and why Miss Universe helped him paint the set!