Up On The Roof with Nour Wazzi

Director and producer Nour Wazzi already has a number of short films under her belt including the award-winning Habibti.

And now she’s about to make her latest film, Up On The Roof, which follows two neglected children who create a world together on the rooftops above the streets of London.

I caught up with Nour to find out more about the film. Check out what she had to say below and click here to help support Up On The Roof on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Where did the idea for Up On The Roof come from?
Anthony Attah was inspired to write this story based on his experience with homeless children – those with negligent or absent parents – who found that they needed to take on the responsibility of determining their own lives.

What makes Up On The Roof stand out from other short films?
We’re approaching it as if it was a feature – with epic cinematic shots and high production value. Our intention is to move away from typical depictions and stories about council estate youths in the UK; this is a bittersweet tale of love between two neglected kids.

Tell me about the cast.
We’re fortunate to have Michael Matias (The Bodyguard Musical) and Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) on board.

How do you hope the Indiegogo campaign will help Up On The Roof?
It provides a platform for people to be able to support us and get involved with the project. There are lots of great perks so we just hope people will take the time to check out the site (and our unconventional teaser) and help us make the film happen. We only have 65 hours left!

Up On The Roof has also received an award from the London Borough Film Fund Challenge. What does that involve and what difference has it made to the film?
Yes, we were fortunate enough to win the Film London Southern Exposure fund who have not only given us some support financially but also helped us with various workshops, development support and seminars. We’re extremely grateful to them and this film probably wouldn’t be getting made so soon if it wasn’t for their support.

What are the most important things you’ve learned from directing and producing the shorts, ads and music videos you’ve made so far that will help you with Up On The Roof?
I suppose I’ve learnt how to prioritise and trust my instinct. As a director I always aim to inspire my team to do their best while holding together the vision for the complete film from inception to delivery.