Two Night Stand Review

What’s it About? A couple who engage in no strings attached fun, find themselves trapped together after a freak snow storm, and are forced into spending time with one another, whether they like it or not.

TwoNightStand5Verdict: The awkward moment the morning after the night before is something that’s experienced daily in the world. Online dating is no longer socially unacceptable; in fact it’s embraced by young and old alike. Most of us have tried it, and with it comes the possibility of a one-night stand. In this brilliantly funny comedy, starring Analeigh Tipton and Miles Teller, Two Night Stand is a smart depiction of a very 21st century experience.

Megan (Analeigh Tipton) is a girl who spends her days in sweats and not looking for a job as she tries to find her place in the world after being dumped. Through peer-pressure from her roommate she tries online dating, quickly finding Alec (Miles Teller), and after conducting a quick serial-killer check, she soon finds her way to his apartment. Cut to the morning after and as she’s desperately trying to sneak her way out of Alec’s apartment, a snow storm hits the city and Megan is forced to stay and it soon becomes clear the two don’t get along.

What follows is a funny, witty and charming romantic comedy that will certainly ring true with people in their 20s and early 30s. The dialogue, written by Mark Hammer, is punchy, pithy and hits the mark when it discusses the current generation’s choices of life, love and dating. Both Megan and Alec are characters that can easily be related to, as both feel real and not overtly glamourous, unlike what we see in some other romantic comedies.


Most of the movie hinges on Tipton and Teller inhabiting a small space and their characters engaging in honest and sometimes catty banter. The two actors have great chemistry and they bounce off each other well, so the movie never seems boring. Its length, just shy of 90 minutes is perfect in that it doesn’t drag the story out. The characters engage in some high-jinks moments, including breaking into a neighbour’s apartment for a plunger. But the movie really hits its stride when both characters decide to critique each other on their performances in the bedroom, an honest conversation that is both funny and sexy.

An eleventh hour twist that you don’t see coming then throws a spanner in the works. Like a punch to the gut, it allows Teller to deliver an extremely honest take on single life, proclaiming being single isn’t a party “it’s just a bunch of people sitting around in the dark texting.” This is an endearing comedy, with a lot of humour and pop culture thrown in. Analeigh Tipton is sassy, whereas Miles Teller is funny, but also sweet and endearing. As the inevitable happens and Megan is able to leave, the typical tropes of a romantic comedy do come into play, but by this point you’ve become invested in these characters.

Final Words: Overall, Two Night Stand is a funny insight into the highs and pitfalls of 21st century dating. Tipton and Teller’s great chemistry and charisma help elevate this movie into a delightful look at when a one-night stand turns awkward, and the film is helped along by a pithy dialogue and some funny moments.

Two Night Stand is in cinemas and on demand on 13th February.