Top 5 Pop Culture References in Bad Neighbours

Dave Franco and Zac Efron in Bad NeighboursWhen Bad Neighbours was released in May, it was something of a surprise – an original comedy that was actually really funny – enjoyed by moviegoers and most critics alike (to read our review, click here).

It stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as Mac and Kelly Radner, new parents whose life is turned upside down when a frat house moves in next door, led by Teddy and Pete (Zac Efron and Dave Franco). It’s hilarious throughout, and is certainly still up there as one of the year’s best comedy offerings.

As well as plenty of visual and situational humour, it’s also a film choc-full of pop culture references, so here, without ruining the film (as really it’s all in the delivery and seeing it in context for most of these), we take a look at the five funniest pop culture references in the film.

1. The Robert De Niro Party

This Robert De Niro Partyscene was partly in the trailer. For one of the many parties the frats have, they all dress up as Robert De Niro characters. Dave Franco is absolutely spot on as Meet the Fockers De Niro, but we also see De Niros from The Deer Hunter, Taxi Driver and others – and also a Samuel L Jackson, and an Al Pacino quote. These frats might not be the smartest, but they have the best party ideas. Hands up who wants to go to a Robert De Niro party?!

Hootie Hoo-ing in Bad Neighbours2.   OutKast – Hootie Hoo

The lyrics from this song come up near the climax of the film, in hilarious style. Those not familiar with the song will have it explained (as Kelly does), and will be sure to use it themselves in their own lives, should the right opportunity arise.  This is one of a number of seriously quotable moments from the frats.

3.  “I’m Batman”

A real age-determining question, like ‘Who is your James Bond?’ or ‘Who is your Efron and Rogen compare Batman impressionsDoctor?’, is ‘Who is your Batman?’ Who is the actor you picture when you picture Bruce Wayne?

This generation gap is typified perfectly during a party-wind-down scene between Efron’s Teddy and Rogen’s Mac, complete, again, with pretty brilliant impressions.

Dave Franco in Bad Neighbours4. Bros before hoes

This really throws in the kitchen sink in terms of pop culture references. As part of re-bonding between frat leaders Teddy and Pete, they riff on variations of the ‘bros before hoes’ theme, getting increasingly desperate as they do so. Featuring everything from Mario to One Direction, via Princess Jasmine, The View and John Madden, this scene really exemplifies the diversity of their reference points.

A baby dressed as Walter White in Bad Neighbours5. “Our little meth-head”

Mac and Kelly’s baby steals most of the scenes she’s in, and the photoshoot is no exception. Who doesn’t want to see a baby Walter White, complete with drawn on goatee and Gatorade blue meth?

Bad Neighbours is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 8 September 2014 and can be ordered on Amazon here