With the recent release of Black Sea, in which Jude Law plays a badass Scottish submarine captain on a mission to find hidden Nazi treasure at the bottom of the ocean, we thought it was time to give recognition to all the awesome roles he has played in his time. Without meaning to disappoint those who are huge Alfie or The Holiday fans, we want to delve into his more complex and multi-dimensional characters that really prove what a versatile and powerful actor he really is, in the same way that he has once again proved his worth in his new film Black Sea.

The Talented Mr. Ripley – Dickie Greenleaf

The Talented Mr Ripley was the performance that made Jude Law an international star and the one he’s still probably best remembered for. He plays a casually cruel, devastatingly handsome playboy who is so irresistible that he attracts the sociopathic Matt Damon. Despite most of the credit for the film going to Matt Damon, Law has such a presence on screen that you simply can’t take your eyes off him and he’s the one that we all went home thinking about after watching the film. That’s not to say that it is only because of his devilishly good looks that we love him as Dickie, but it’s his power of manipulation, ability to tease and strong gravitational pull that make him desirable to all. A classically gripping and disturbing thriller.

Gattaca – Jerome Morrow

Gattaca is quite off the radar these days, which is a big shame considering it contains absolutely wonderful performances from all three of its leads: Uma Thurman, Ethan Hawke and – obviously – Jude Law. In Gattaca, Law plays Jerome Morrow in what was one of his first substantial movie roles, two years before the next movie on this list made him a huge star – in fact, lots of people remember seeing Jude Law for the very first time in this picture. As Morrow (alongside Uma Thurman), Jude Law is poised as a “perfect human specimen,” which could mistakenly lead to the conclusion that he was simply hired for his gorgeous looks. Not so: his performance here is entrancing and hypnotic and filled with brilliant acidity – he makes the tragedy of Morrow’s situation real.

Cold Mountain – Inman

This American Civil War film would be a rather more bland and dreary affair were it not for the absolutely standout performance from Jude Law. He is sensational as W.P. Inman, a Confederate deserter, and played in a discreet, completive and thoroughly modest manner by Law. Disillusioned with the war, Inman spends the majority of the movie trying to get back to his lost love. On this journey, Law really shows his talents as an actor, and it was no surprise that he received another Best Supporting Actor nomination for this role.

Side Effects – Dr. Jonathan Banks

Once again, Jude Law shows his true versatility as Dr Banks, a sinister helpmeet who brings out woman’s neuroses in Side Effects. He is insipid, stuck-up and self-congratulatory. It is Law’s sharp but recognizable performance which is charming but intense that reminds us that although we love it when an actor steps outside their comfort zone – some people are just made for some roles and Jude Law was made to play Dr Banks.

The Road To Perdition – Harlen Maguire

Sam Mendes surrounded Tom Hanks with rock solid supporting players like Jude Law as Harlen Maguire, the crime scene photographer/icky hitman hired to murder Hanks and his young son (Tyler Hoechlin) in this incredible film. Law, smashes it out of the park once again, as a great creepy villain, mussing his good looks behind sallow skin and bad teeth. It’s all done with tremendous style backed by an exceptional performance. Jude Law is both brilliant and chilling, in a role which he isn’t particularly renowned for, transforming himself into an amazing villain. There’s a real sense of Law throwing caution to the wind, relishing the chance to play a character outside of his usual types; with Law turning our perceptions of him inside out.

Catch Jude Law as the rogue submarine captain who, after being laid off from a salvage company, pulls together a misfit crew to go after a sunken treasure rumoured to be lost in the depths of the Black Sea until greed and desperation take control on board their claustrophobic vessel and the increasing uncertainty of the mission causes the men to turn on each other to fight for their own survival.

Black Sea is in UK cinemas now and in US theatres on 23 January 2014.