The Scorch Trials Trailer Review

the-scorch-trialsYoung adult novel movie adaptations have, in recent years, seen a surge after the successes of the Harry Potter series and the Twilight franchise. With dedicated fan followings from the books, and studios willing to put serious money behind it, they’ve never been far from our cinema screens. Some haven’t gone so well, while others have flourished and created the next wave of popular YA franchises. One such franchise was last year’s The Maze Runner. The series, written by James Dashner, has put star Dylan O’Brian on the map following his run on teen drama Teen Wolf. A year later, director Wes Ball returns to helm the second book in the series: The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

The first film told the story of young Thomas, who wakes up to suddenly find himself in a community of boys, trapped in a glade with no memory of how he got there. Whilst fending for themselves, there is also a team of runners, tracing their way through an elaborate maze in order to escape the clearing. What followed was an exhilarating, punchy and thrilling movie that left you by the end of it with more questions that needed answering!

The sequel, The Scorch Trials trailer landed last week and if the 2 minute trailer is anything to go by, the intrigue, the pressure and the danger level is still as high, if not more than in the first film. Those that survived the Maze have been brought to a facility and rescued for their own good. However they soon start to realize they are very much still trapped and being lied to. The trailer shows the team searching for clues regarding the mysterious company WCKD who trapped them in the maze originally, and their subsequent escape from the facility. The search leads them to the Scorch, where we get a peak at a desolate landscape, filled with yet more dangerous obstacles.

It’s brilliant to see the effects looking spot on again in this film, with iconic landmarks turned into sand-covered landmasses. The film’s young cast will again take centre stage and with the third book adaptation in the franchise already scheduled to be released in early 2017, the film will certainly answer some questions, but leave some mysteries for the final film in the series.

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials will be in cinemas across the UK from 18th September.