Sundance: The Raid 2 & 3 with Gareth Evans

One of the many highlights of this year’s Sundance was the highly inventive second instalment of writer-director Gareth Evans’ martial arts action trilogy The Raid.

The Raid 2: Berandal, which picks up the plot two hours after the action of the first movie, got a rapturous response from the festival’s audience.

Flicks And The City was delighted to catch up again with Gareth at the movie’s Sundance premiere, following our previous chats at Kapow! and FrightFest.

Check out the video to see Gareth chat about filming his first car chase, why he didn’t want to see The Raid: Redemption star Joe Taslim’s car action scenes in Fast & Furious 6, designing the final action scene and why it tops everything he’s done so far, new characters Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man, what he’d like to see in comic book adaptations of The Raid 2 & The Raid 3, what he’ll take from The Raid 2 into The Raid 3, how the Raid 3 starts 2 hours before the end of The Raid 2 and what this means for the final part of the trilogy, when we can expect to see The Raid 3 on the big screen, if we can expect any The Raid spin-offs, losing shoes while filming a prison fight scene in the mud, and what we can expect from his next movie The Night Comes For Us with V/H/S 2 co-director Timo Tjahjanto (whose own film Killers also premiered at this year’s Sundance).

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