The Protectors Season 2 DVD Review

What’s It About? If you haven’t seen The Protectors yet, it follows the P.E.T. police bodyguard squad, a group who are tasked with protecting numerous very important people in the country including politicians and royalty. You’ll get filled in by a recap but we highly recommend picking up the first season to fully enjoy this second one. It would be doing the show a disservice to not explore the depths of character and storyline that give this sophomore season such great payoffs. Without giving too much away, Jasmina (Cecilie Stenspil), Rasmus (Søren Vejby) and Jonas (André Babikian) have now settled in and face a much wider problem than simply their home, as the standing of Denmark in a worldwide market now comes into question.

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Facing all powerful organisations and being forced out of their comfort zones, the P.E.T. are pushed to new limits and this is a show that lives on the edge for every single episode. There’s a real sense of danger and with so many relatable characters, it means you truly care about those involved. Arrow’s Nordic Noir label have provided yet another top class release that sits alongside its contemporaries as one of the best worldwide shows in the past decade.

Verdict: In recent years there has been a real shift towards appreciation for movies and television series from other foreign countries, specifically France, Sweden and Denmark. Europe has been churning out a number of hit shows, such as The Killing, The Bridge and Wallander and providing a real alternative to the often predictable UK and US networks. As with many projects throughout history, these have since been adapted to English in order to appeal to larger markets, but the originals still remain highly popular and are often regarded as the superior product.

The Protectors may have snuck under the radar for more recent converts, but this is a show that won an International Emmy for best non-American television drama series

The focus of this set is purely on the episodes in 2009. Gaining attention for its gripping story lines and strong characterisation, The Protectors can stand side by side with The Killing and other Arrow acquisitions as a show that provides a solid and effective drama each and every episode. While not held in as high regards as the more popular shows, The Protectors certainly deserves attention as a slightly more glamorous and less gritty version of its counterparts. That’s not to say it’s all style and no substance, as that’s certainly far from the case. Here we have a show that not only looks good but has a top notch cast and solid writing as well. An International Emmy doesn’t come from nowhere after all.

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Final Words: To say that The Protectors set the bar for shows that came after would be an understatement. By season 2, The Protectors had settled into its groove and developed an intelligence and fascination with the location and those that live there. It’s why Nordic Noir is so important – these shows work best when viewed in their original settings, showing something completely different to the bright lights of America. Season 2 has more ambition and while not as tightly focused as the first, it manages to change direction as well as building on what came before. This is certainly a show worth watching if you’re a fan of other similar foreign drama.

Rating: 4 / 5      

The Protectors Season 2 is out on DVD now.