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What’s it about? Given the focus on US talent in the world of hip-hop, it wasn’t really a surprise when rapping Californian duo Silibil n’ Brains were welcomed on the scene. The only problem was that the pair – touted as the biggest thing since Outkast – were actually best friends from Scotland with fake American accents!The Great Hip Hop Hoax - diner chill

Director Jeanie Finlay’s documentary reveals what inspired Billy Boyd and Gavin Bain to pull the greatest deception in the hip-hop industry.

Verdict: There are many music fans who may not know the scandal caused by these two Scottish lads fooling the likes of Island Records into thinking they were American rappers, but there is a lot to be learned from this tale.

From the gritty details of knock-backs and their genuine love and desire to get into rap, the duo tell us everything about the music industry they conned and just how much they lost of themselves in the process.

Boyd and Bain may have been good rappers, but they may also be the greatest actors who ever lived, and the fact they could one day just “become” American and fool the world was a story that definitely needed to be told.

While something like this will probably never happen again thanks to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, the film does make you question why no one ever found out.

For young artists trying to change themselves to gain fame, a lot can be learned from this cautionary tale.The Great Hip Hop Hoax - TGHHH_3D_DVD

Extras: Additional scenes on the DVD show what the lads have gone on to do since they split up. Hopeless Heroic follows Bain’s new band, while we get to meet Boyd’s other alter ego, Lance Carter; and there’s an extra scene about getting signed to Island Records. Perfect for those who want to know every last part of the tale.

Final Words: A truly amazing story you’ll enjoy even if you’re not the biggest hip hop fan.

Rating: 3.5 / 5      

The Great Hip Hop Hoax (18) is available on DVD from 23 September 2013


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