The Brass Teapot DVD Review

What’s it about? A young couple are struggling to make ends meets financially when they suddenly stumble upon an intriguing brass teapot.

After learning that the teapot produces money from thin air when they inflict pain on each other, the couple is forced to see just how much pain they would put themselves through in order to keep the cash flowing.

Verdict: Do fables still have a place in our modern world? The Brass Teapot seems to think so and I have to agree.

The film’s chirpy nature is a perfect contrast to the dark tone of the storyline and from the second Alice (Juno Temple) shoplifts the brass pot, we jump from humour to dismay as she and John (Michael Angarano) fall further and further into their pit of doom.

BTP-20110815-005The best part of the fable is when the teapot becomes more demanding, pushing the couple to resort to more drastic measures including S&M games.

If anyone started this film thinking they could handle the pain for the money, it doesn’t take long to learn the truth – it can never last!

BAFTA Rising Star Temple captures your attention with her comedic charm while Michael Angarano does well enough as the humble husband who begins to fear that the teapot’s impact on his wife and their lives.

The storyline gets even more silly with the addition of Hasidic Jews and a mysterious Chinese man who are all after the teapot as well, but the message is as clear as day: we have to stop inflicting harm on ourselves and those around us because greed never ends well, folks. A nice message about the senseless pursuit of wealth that’s so rife in today’s culture.

Final Word: An entertaining modern fable that makes you appreciate what little you’ve got as well as wanting to keep an eye on Temple’s career path as she continues to hone her craft.

Rating: 3 / 5      

The Brass Teapot is out on DVD from 30 September 2013.