The 5 Funniest Movie Dance-Offs!

There is little funnier in a comedy movie than when two characters launch themselves into an impromptu dance-off as a way of settling a dispute. From disco dancing to salsa dancing, Britney Spears to David Bowie, Zoolander to Stifler there is something for everyone when our favourite characters bust out the moves.

Chris O’Dowd and Nick Frost are the latest stars to take on the dance-off in their newest film Cuban Fury (15), so to celebrate the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the salsa dancing rom-com, we decided to take a look back at five of the most hilarious dance-offs ever to have graced the silver screen!

1. Zoolander (2001)

Okay, we’re easing you in gently with the dance-off hilarity as technically this is a walk-off, but it is so funny it’s worthy of a spot on the list nonetheless! Ben Stiller stars as Derek Zoolander, a dim-witted fashion model who finds himself ousted from the industry when rising star Hansel (Owen Wilson) comes along. Here the two models challenge each other to a ‘walk-off’ and with David Bowie as the judge things get pretty wild!

2. Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

Zoolander isn’t the only one who can call in famous pals for a hilarious challenge as the final installment of Austin Powers (Mike Myers) sees our protagonist take on the princess of pop: Britney Spears! In an all-too-brief dance-off the international man of mystery interrupts Britney’s filming for her ‘Boys’ music video and soon bitch slaps, stare-offs and outrageous dance moves ensue!

3. American Wedding (2003)

Arguably the most iconic moment of the entire American Pie franchise. When Jim (Jason Biggs) and the gang go in search of his fiance’s dream wedding dress they end up in a gay bar, unbeknownst to notorious womanizer Stifler (Seann William Scott). Unable to cope when a gay man at the bar says that he doesn’t want to sleep with him, Stifler decides to show him what he is missing by challenging him to an impromptu dance-off. Not only is it utterly hilarious, Stifler’s bravado catches the eye of wedding dress designer Leslie Sommers who agrees to make the dress, so everybody is a winner!

4. Starsky and Hutch (2004)

Ben Stiller is at it again in the big screen adaptation of the American cop drama. After uptight Starsky (Stiller) unknowingly takes cocaine, he and his partner Hutch (Owen Wilson) find themselves at a disco where he challenges ‘Dancin’ Rick’ to a dance-off. Stiller proves yet again that he has the moves but his character is left outraged when he’s robbed of the winning title!

5. Cuban Fury (2014)

If you combine all of the above with the British awkwardness of the infamous fight scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary then you have an idea of just how hilarious Chris O’Dowd and Nick Frost’s Cuban Fury dance-off is. Secret salsa protégé Bruce (Frost) finally has enough of his chauvinistic manager Drew (O’Dowd) and his constant teasing as they fight for the affections of the same woman and challenges him to a dance-off during their lunch break. It’s not just the fabulous moves that make this scene so funny, but Drew’s clear discomfort and confusion at what is going on. A brief cameo appearance from a familiar face makes this scene all the sweeter…

To catch Chris O’Dowd and Nick Frost’s incredible dance-off be sure to check out the hilarious Cuban Fury available on DVD from 9 June 2014.