Thanks For Sharing DVD Review

TFS #12What’s it about? The film follows three friends who all meet at 12-step meetings to help them treat their addiction to sex. Mike (Tim Robbins) is the patriarch of the group who is dealing with the return of his 20-something son who is also dealing with his own addiction issues.

Mike’s sponsee, Adam (Mark Ruffulo), is the program’s success story thanks to his ongoing six-year celibacy. But meeting the beautiful Gywneth Paltrow makes him embark on a relationship that might undo all his success so far. Mike and Adam also befriend an obnoxious young doctor who is ruining his medical career with his uncontrollable addiction, but newcomer Dede (Alecia Moore aka Pink) might be able to help.

TFS #17Verdict: Sex addiction is something we’re hearing more and more about these days, so it’s understandable that Stuart Blumberg (The Kids Are Alright) saw the potential to make a great film about the subject.

While it’s not as intense as Steve McQueen’s highly acclaimed Shame, Thanks For Sharing has its own strengths. The decision to focus on the situation from the view points of addicts in various stages of recovery allows the film to be entertaining and moving without coming across as judgmental.

The choice to explore the topic through the familiar guise of a rom-com makes this an easy watch, but also limits it from delving deeper in a way that would truly have left a lasting memory.

Ruffalo delivers a likeable performance and the chemistry between him and Paltrow helps to make up for the slight simplicity in the way their relationship plays out.TFS #6

While Ruffalo and Paltrow play the central characters, you’ll find yourself much more interested in Josh Gad and Pink’s characters as they develop a mutually healing relationship.

Extras: The DVD comes with audio commentary from Blumberg and his co-writer Matt Winston as well as a gag reel, deleted scenes and a making-of featurette.

Final Words: Stuart Blumberg does a great job showing sex addiction isn’t just something celebrities made up to get away with an affair. These heart-warming characters help us to gain a deeper understanding of the struggles of life for sex addicts, without holding back on the laughs. This is a film to make you rethink your previous judgments but is still easy enough to watch on a fun night in.

Rating: 3 / 5      

Thanks For Sharing is released on DVD on 3 February 2014.