Teen Beach Movie with Ross Lynch

Check out what Ross Lynch, star of Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally, had to say about his new film, Teen Beach Movie, which premieres on Disney Channel on 19 July…

How would you describe your new movie?

Teen Beach Movie is full of Disney magic, fun and laughter. The story is about a girl (McKenzie) and a guy (Brady) who get transported into a classic beach movie! They get stuck in the movie and they have to figure out a way to get out.

You get stuck in a movie?

Exactly! It’s pretty cool, right? Plus, it’s extra amazing because the movie is based in the 60s, which is an era I really love. We got to film with 60s cars and 60s clothing. Everything about the film shoot was amazingly fun!

How would you describe the character in the movie?

Brady is a surfer dude who likes to go with the flow. He is extremely laid back and very happy. The 60s movie they get stuck in is Brady’s favourite movie, so he’s really excited when they first get there.

How similar are you to Brady?

I think I’m pretty similar to Brady because I’m also happy all the time. I’m also similar because I love the 60s and I guess I’m pretty laid back.

What’s the biggest difference between you and Brady?

Brady might be a better surfer than me – but don’t tell anyone! I’m a pretty good surfer, but Brady is awesome. That’s probably the biggest difference between us.

How would you describe the music of the movie?

The music is very 60s! It’s great. The soundtrack is full of happy, beach-loving tracks, apart from one; which is the opening song. They’ve all got that amazing 60s vibe that I love. You know what? The music is really, really cool.

What’s your favourite song in the movie?

That’s a difficult question because I like all of the songs in the movie. It’s hard to pick just one! Right now, my favourite song is a track called Cruising For Bruising – but my favourite changes all the time. It will be something different tomorrow.

Why is Cruising For Bruising your favourite song right now?

In the story, there’s a big rivalry between the surfers and the bikers in the 60s movie – but this is the song that introduces the bikers. It’s very ‘in your face’ and it’s got a really cool 60s guitar.

Do you sing on this track?

I sing some of the song, but that’s not why it’s my favourite. My other favourite song is called Falling For You, which is a track sung by the actress Grace Phipps. She plays Leila in the movie. That’s also a great song.

Where did you shoot the movie?

We shot Teen Beach Movie in Puerto Rico – and it was incredible there. Puerto Rico is an American territory, but it feels like you’ve left the country when you get there.

What’s life like in Puerto Rico?

There’s much more of a salsa vibe and a Latin feel to Puerto Rico than the rest of America, which is a lot of fun. We spent two months filming there, so I feel like I’m a Puerto Rican local now!

Maia Mitchell plays your girlfriend in the movie… How embarrassing does it get when you have to film romantic scenes?

You know what? There was supposed to be a kissing scene in the movie, but they cut it out!

Are kissing scenes embarrassing?

The first kiss I ever had was on a short film. I was 10 years old at the time and I didn’t really pay too much attention to it. It’s work. You just get on with it.

So why should we tune into Teen Beach Movie?

Because it’s a great feel-good movie! It’s uplifting, it’s fun and it’s very cool. Plus, the soundtrack is amazing! Tune in; you won’t be disappointed.

Teen Beach Movie premieres on Disney Channel on 19 July, and the soundtrack is out on 15 July.