Technology gone Wild: The Best James Bond movie gadgets of all time

In recent James Bond films, technology has become an increasingly integral and seminal feature. Alongside show-stopping action and three-dimensional effects, Daniel Craig’s vehicles have revolutionised an aging format. While this has irked a select few traditionalists, it has also created a new generation of Bond fans that can drive the longevity of the franchise.

4 of the Best Bond Gadgets of all-time

Technology has always been a feature of the Bond franchise, however, even before the digital age, Bond-themed gadgets like those shown on the WatchWarehouse graphic have long-since entered into folklore, so here are four of our particular favourites:

Garrotte wire in the Watch, From Russia with Love

Bond WatchThe iconic watch is almost as iconic as the man himself, while it usually includes incredible, cutting-edge gadgetry that is relative to the time. In the Bond classic From Russia with Love, Sean Connery broke brand new ground with a length of deadly garrotte wire secreted in his watch. Be honest, who hasn’t had the occasional day at work when this innovative gadget wouldn’t have come in handy?

Machine Guns, an Ejector Seat and a Satnav, Goldfinger

Bond Machine GunGoldfinger was the third film featuring Connery, and arguably the best ever instalment of the franchise. While the performance of a peak Connery and a stellar cast of villains should take the plaudits for this, Bond’s iconic Aston Martin DB5 also featured an incredible array of gadgets. These included a machine gun and an ejector seat, while it also streaked ahead of its time with a primitive satnav!

The Rolex with a Super Magnet, Live and Let Die

Bond RolexWhile Roger Moore is fondly remembered as one of the better Bonds, an excess of charm and cringe worthy humour often undermined any sense of drama in his films. Smooth to the point of being sleazy, Moore’s first outing Live and Let Die saw the star use a super magnet secreted in a Rolex to unzip the dress of Bind girl Madeline Smith, and while this is undeniably funny it also hints at an underlying sense of farce.

The remote drive Smartphone, Tomorrow never Dies

Bond SmartphonePierce Brosnan was another enduringly smooth Bond, although he at least maintained a slightly gruff exterior that balanced his natural elegance. He is also renowned for the cutting-edge Sony smartphone he sported in Tomorrow never Dies, which enabled him to perform a wide range of tasks including remotely driving a BMW. This is every man’s dream, and one that is close to fruition with the advent of self-drive vehicles.