Storage 24 with Noel Clarke & Johannes Roberts

Breaking up is hard to do… especially when you’re being hunted by an alien predator in a maze-like storage facility where the power’s gone down.

While I’m guessing that wasn’t quite the scenario Neil Sedaka had in mind when he wrote his 60s love-split song, it is what happens in new sci-fi movie, Storage 24.

Noel Clarke and Antonia Campbell-Hughes are the ex-couple who’ve picked the wrong day to divide up their belongings at a London storage depot.

And after a military plane crashes, leaving a deadly beast on the prowl, I bet their mates are none too pleased they offered to help them shift their stuff either!

I had a chat about the film with writer-director Johannes Roberts at Sci-Fi London.

And caught up with him again, this time with the film’s writer-star Noel Clarke, at Kapow! Comic Convention.

Click the video to see Johannes and Noel talk about sci-fi geekery, serial killers, stunts, and a new superhero script.

Storage 24 is in cinemas in the UK from 29 June.