Stitches with Ross Noble & Conor McMahon

There’s no one quite like Ross Noble for a brilliant bit of surreal comedy improv.

Take his appearance at the Latitude Festival in Suffolk a couple of years ago, for example.

At the end of an hilariously funny stand-up routine, he got the audience to chant ‘sausage rolls’ as they joined him in an impromptu conga which ended up at a vegetarian pie stand!

Numerous tours, gigs, and TV appearances later, Noble’s making his feature film debut as the lead in Stitches, a horror comedy about a killer clown who comes back from the dead to wreak revenge against a group of teens he entertained as kids.

I grabbed a chat with Noble and the film’s director, Conor McMahon, who were at FrightFest for the film’s premiere ahead of its release on 26 October. Here’s what they said…

Ross Noble chats about bloody hands, his favourite killer moments, and why he’s the Jackie Chan of killer clowns:

Stitches director Conor McMahon chats about keeping it real with visual effects, shooting in The Italian Job cemetery, and working with Ross Noble:

FrightFest runs from 23 to 27 August. For more details, click here.